UMD Info Challenge

Going Beyond Data

February 26 – March 5, 2022

And the awards go to…

Grand Prize

Team IC22017
Project Title: AllSky Tool
Aryan Anwar | Montgomery College
Rohit Sharma | Montgomery College
Matthew Nanas | Montgomery College 

Best Team Presentation

Team IC22020
Project Title: iSchool Career Newsletter Redesign Project
Kinny Chen | University of Maryland
Zi Lin | University of Maryland 

Outstanding Cybersecurity Project

Team IC22034
Project Title: ISCXIDS2012 Cybersecurity 
Elvin Vanathayan | University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Khang Nguyen | University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Outstanding Design Project

Team IC22054
Project Title: Traffic Pattern Design Challenge
Siao-Ting Lin | University of Maryland
Jing Wang | University of Maryland
Jialun Yang | University of Maryland 

Outstanding Data Analytics Project – TIE

Team IC22062
Project Title: Creating a safe campus for e-scooter riders and Pedestrian
Richmond Yeboah | Montgomery College
Sumeet Ram | University of Maryland
Uzair Masih Israrahmed | University of Maryland 

Team IC22043
Project Title: Trends with Conflicts in the U.S.
Liam Bailey | US Naval Academy
Isaac Cho | US Naval Academy
Paul Hendron | US Naval Academy
Antawn Weg | US Naval Academy 

Watch the full IC22 Awards Ceremony



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