Judging Criteria

Data Challenge 2021 Judging Criteria

Scale for judging metrics below are from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)

Cultivate Better Living (Theme)

  • Project adheres to the theme of Data Exploration for a Sustainable Planet
  • World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL) is understood and acknowledged (see WHOQOL link below)
  • Project has good scope to improve everyday life
  • Project demonstrates a carefully articulated path on how the idea can be implemented


  • Project demonstrates creativity
  • Project demonstrates uniqueness
  • Project includes additional information to enhance outcome
  • Project provides new understandings about the dataset


  • Project is well designed and constructed
  • Implementation is relevant and complete enough to show important aspects of the project
  • Process of project analysis is logical
  • Project presentation demonstrates syntactic and visual clarity and consistency


  • Results are clearly stated
  • Results address the problem statement
  • Results demonstrate an effective use of the dataset
  • Results demonstrates a high quality solution


  • Project is demonstrated in appropriate detail
  • All team members were aware of all aspects of project
  • Responses to judges questions demonstrate knowledge of the problem domain
  • Presentation was completed within the time limit provided

World Health Organization Quality of Life Information 

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